Turn your farm into a Smart farm

Grow Smart!

Use CityGreens' automation suite to automate routine tasks like climate control, nutrient balancing, irrigation control, electrical equipment and machinery automation, water level monitoring, operating shade and rain protection curtains, and more.

Eliminate human dependency and manual errors. Enjoy higher productivity at lower costs. Improve the RoI and profits from your farm.


Reduce Effort

Transplanting the saplings to net-pots and providing them support through grow media takes a lot of time. 

Well not any more. With CG Plant holding lids you do not need to add any grow media. Experience lower costs and better growth.

Increase Growing Season

With CG automated, all-weather, retractable-roof solution, you can now enjoy year round production at less than half the cost of a standard climate control poly-house.

Enjoy additional growing season while spending less.

Agronomy App

Tech is too difficult? Not everyone can use it?

Probably yes. Especially if it is developed by techies who have never experienced the challenges faced by farmers on the filed.

Experience CG App. An intuitive App developed by Agronomists that can be used even by farm-help.

Remote Supervision

With CityGreens IoT offering, you do not need to be physically present in the farm to know what is happening on-field at present.

Not only that, with the historical data view, you can also access the happenings in the past.

Precision Nutrition

Do not have qualified manpower or it is not affordable? Worried if the farm help will be able to provide the right nutrition to the plants?

Leave this task to the technology. Offer your plants the right EC and the right pH 24x7.

Reduce Electricity Bill

Worried about the high electricity costs?

Get assured savings of a minimum of 21% in electricity outgo by using CityGreens' climate control module. That is in addition to the improved productivity that comes naturally with our solution.

Better Control

How good it would be if you can catch diseases and infections early and take early steps to support your plants when they need it?

Yes, that is possible with the unique design of CG NFT channels that allows you to access the root zone mid-cycle.

Reduce Algae

Sunlight + Nutrients is the best recipe for algae growth. Oftentimes, you don't have a choice but to leave your planting system exposed to light.

Use CityGreens' planter lids to cover the empty pots and reduce the buildup of algae in your system.

Lower Water Use

Yes, Hydroponics uses up to 80% less water as compared to traditional farming.

But do you know that by using the right mix of agronomy and technology, you can further reduce the water usage at your farm by another 10% or more?

Smart Farm Automation

Understand what is farm automation, what all you can automate, how can it help you, and how you can use automation in your farms.

With the smart farm automation range from City Greens, we can now turn any farm into a Smart farm. Get measurable improvement in RoI with CG Automation Suite.

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