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Hydroponics Training

Whether you are a hobby grower, a terrace gardener, or an urban farmer, there is a training program for you.

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Hydroponics Set-up

Whether you want to set-up an indoor or outdoor Hydroponic farm, we can help you with both.

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Understanding Hydroponic Nutrients

Plants need a mix of different macro and micro nutrients. The nutrients designed for soil based farms focus primarily on macro nutrients that the soil is deficient in. When growing in water, you are starting from zero nutrients. Hence, it is important to use the right kind of balanced nutrient formulae to achieve optimal growth. 

Download CityGreens Nutrient Feed Chart to understand the basics of plant nutrition in Hydroponics.

Commercial Farming Budget Estimates

Setting up a farm is a large investment. Unlike a standard marketable product (like a car, television), it is difficult to give a fixed cost for a farm set-up. Think of it like building a house. The cost will vary upon a lot of components like quality of site, number of rooms, engineering design, plumbing design, no of floors, quality of materials, cost of professionals, labour cost, etc. 

As such, we have compiled some standard farm sizes with indicative budget estimates to help you get started. You can access the CityGreens Farm Set-up Budget Estimates to get a ballpark idea of investments that may get into the set-up phase of a Commercial Urban Farm.

Dossier on CityGreen's Training Programs

The needs of a Hobby grower or a Terrace gardener differs from that of a Commercial grower. 

While the primary objective of a Hobby grower or terrace gardener is to be able to learn to grow and provide their family with healthy food, the key objective for a Commercial grower is to understand the minute intricacies, get a fair estimation of risks involved, and figure out ways to maximize profit. 

Use CityGreens Commercial Training Dossier, and CityGreens Hobby Training Dossier to identify the training program that will best serve your needs. 

Understanding Leca and Hydrotons

LECA or Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate is one of the most widely used Hydroponic growing media. You may come across terms like leca, clay balls, clay pebbles, hydrotons, fly-ash balls, etc. to represent similar set of products. 

CityGreens Hydrotons Guide will demystify the world of leca for you.