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Turnkey Solutions!

We set-up high quality, automated farms in which you can grow exotic and off season crops to improve your profits manifold. 

We have also developed low cost hydroponic solutions for farmers who are on budget and would like to grow seasonal and local crops, but at the same time enjoy higher yields and improved profits as compared to what is possible in traditional farming. 


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Hydroponics Business Seminar

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Planning to start a Hydroponics Business? Attend CityGreens Residential Business Seminar in Hydroponics & Urban Farming.

December 2022 - 2nd to 4th

February 2023 - 10th to 12th

April 2023 - 21st to 23rd

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Turnkey Set-up

We understand your motivations and design a solution specific to your needs. We then set up your farm, operationalise it, and train your team to manage it going forward.

Crop Inputs

The quality of produce depends upon the quality of nutrition. We offer wholesale rates for CityGreens' proprietary nutrient range trusted by growers in 562+ cities in India.

Agronomy Support

Our team of agronomists and researchers work with you closely to resolve all the teething troubles you may face in your journey towards a green and sustainable future.


We have built our automation suite after years of research and based on the difficulties we faced as farmers. Assured improvement in productivity and lower costs are guaranteed.



An advanced form of cultivation wherein the roots are suspended in the air. Aeroponics leads to fast growth and high levels of productivity.


A sustainable form of water-efficient growing technique wherein the roots float in a nutrient rich solution.

Indoor Farming

A climate resilient farming technique wherein plants are grown under artificial grow lights independent of the weather outside.

Poly-house Farming

Increases growing season and leads to higher productivity due to climate control and precision agriculture.


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Client Stories

Gabbar Farms

"Started in 2020, Gabbar Farms quickly established itself as a leader in D2C Hydroponic segment in Ahmedabad. They added another hydroponic farm in 2021 and an indoor vertical farm in 2022. All of these farms are managed end to end by CityGreens."


"Arguably the most challenging and advanced Aeroponics project in the country till date. A fully automated Aeroponic farm for production of Medical grade hemp in remote hills of Uttarakhand, part of an 18 Acres project. CityGreens team completed the turnkey setup before schedule. The farm runs on 'Made in India' technology suite developed by CityGreens.

Why City Greens

Scientific Research

Established in 2017, CityGreens research farm is one of its kind and probably the largest in the country dedicated solely to advancing research in the domain of Controlled Environment Agriculture.

Best in Agronomy

We manage multiple farms in-house.

As fellow farmers, we understand and have lived through the challenges that you might encounter during your journey.

Robust Automation

Complete automation suite for climate control, irrigation control, nutrient management, and more. 

The same suite that we use in our farms every single day.

Assured Quality

NFT Channels, Net-pots, Nutrients, Grow-Lights, IoT, Automation Suite, and more - we manufacture all of these in-house. 

No more worries about quality or dealing with multiple vendors.

Want to set-up your Farm?

Download Commercial Hydroponic Farming Guide to get a basic idea of what it entails.

Let us know how we can help? Share your ideas/doubts/queries. We will work with you to find a solution that may work best in your case.