IoT Hub!

Turns any farm into a Smart Farm


IoT-Hub is the smart farm automation module from the house of CityGreens.

It can communicate with multiple sensors and automate all the controls in a farm based on sensor values or time values or a combination of both, including any complex logic.


By automating most of the controls in a farm, the chances of manual errors are eliminated.

With technology taking over the role of supervision, a grower can cut down on manpower cost and work with semi-skilled workers.


Automate based on time

Automate based on sensor inputs

Automate based on time + sensor inputs

Monitor power consumption in the farm

On-site display + remote view IoT dashboard


 FarmatoIoT Hub
 Time based AutomationYesYes
 Sensor based AutomationNoYes
Smart Automation (time + sensor based)NoYes
On-site Display3 inches touchscreen5 inches touchscreen
 Remote DashboardYesYes
 Monitor Power ConsumptionYesYes
Automate IrrigationYesYes
Automate ClimateNoYes
 Automate Nutrient TemperatureNoYes

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