• Simplifying Urban Farming

  • Simplifying Urban Farming

  • Simplifying Urban Farming

Simplifying Urban Farming

Do you know which company has set-up the first Indoor Commercial  Vertical Farms in Ahmedabad and Bangalore? Do you know which company has set-up and manages India's tallest Vertical Farm (16 feet high)? The answer to both of the queries is one - CityGreens.

Vertical Farming is the only way that can guarantee you a consistent supply of fresh and pesticide-free produce irrespective of what is the climate/weather outside. Even during the CoVid pandemic, our Vertical Farm got the necessary permissions and kept producing. 

Vertical Farming offers maximum yield per sq ft of floor space, has minimal reliance on human labour, and provides the best quality of produce. But all of that comes at a higher cost. So it is not for everyone for now, but for large cities and consumers willing to pay a premium for healthier produce. 

We conduct a 1-day training program in our farm-office in Bangalore wherein you can see a running commercial Vertical Farm set-up. We also conduct half an hour, paid, guided tours of our farm for visitors. If you are not in Bangalore and would rather learn the fundamentals in-depth, you can enrol into the next batch of CityGreens weekend online course

If you understand the technology well and are all geared up to set-up your farm, the following are the ball-park estimates of how much it might cost you.
Vertical Farm CityGreens

Vertical Farm (1200 sq ft)

Size - 1200 sqft | Set-up Cost - 27 L | No. of Plants - 12k BEP - 20 to 25 months

NFT A Frame CityGreens Hydroponics

Vertical Farm (1000 sq ft)

Size - 1000 sqft | Set-up Cost - 23 L | No. of Plants - 9.7k BEP - 25 to 30 months

DWC Hydroponics CityGreens

Vertical Farm (800 sq ft)

Size - 800 sqft | Set-up Cost - 19 L | No. of Plants - 7k BEP - 36 to 41 months

Dutch Bucket Hydroponics CityGreens

Vertical Farm (600 sq ft)

Size - 600 sqft | Set-up Cost - 15 L | No. of Plants - 4.4k BEP - 60 to 65 months

The above estimates are indicative in nature based on a specific farm plan of a specific height. Connect with us for details.