• Some set-up Vertical Farms

    Ronak, batch of May 2019, went ahead to set-up Ahmedabad's first indoor Vertical farm "Thrively." Reena, class of Dec 2019, is setting up Vadodara's first indoor Vertical farm "Super Greens."

  • Some set-up Hydroponic Farms​

    Leeladhar & Vijay, batch of Feb 2019, went ahead to set-up a half acre Greenhouse Hydroponic farm near Kalyan. "Greenhy Farm" is now suppling fresh produce to residents of Powai.

  • Some set-up roof-top Farms

    Patanjali, batch of Oct 2018, went ahead to set-up a small-scale rooftop Hydroponic farm in Bangalore. Residents of Yelahanka can now enjoy the fresh produce from their own local farm.

  • Some add on to their existing ventures

    Rahul, batch of Aug 2019, runs Delhi World Public School in Greater Noida. Post the training, he went ahead to set-up a small educational set-up in his school. Children are now getting to learn the finer aspects of advanced agriculture in a practical set-up in his school.

  • Some set-up experimental units

    More than half of aspirants from every batch start experimenting at their own pace to learn more about the nuisances of managing a Hydroponic set-up on daily basis. They are the slow and steady preparing for the big race.

  • Some realise it is not for them

    A few of them realise that they are not yet ready (financially, technically, effort-wise, or risk-wise) to take the plunge. They are the lot who thank us the most for the transparent knowledge exchange that helps them reach a decision point that is the best fit for their capabilities and circumstances.

What do attendees do after training?