• Simplifying Urban Farming

  • Simplifying Urban Farming

  • Simplifying Urban Farming

  • Simplifying Urban Farming

Simplifying Urban Farming

Are you in Bangalore? Thinking of setting up an Urban Farm? But worried if you will be able to sell?

"Join hands with us"

For a limited time, we are offering a guaranteed buy-back of produce and marketing support of up-to one year for the up-coming farms in Bangalore. In Summary, we will not only set-up your farm but will also support you find the market and set-up the business in its most crucial period.

Call us on +919380642472 to know more

Growing crops hydroponically is not difficult, once you have learned plant science and fundamentals of providing the right environment to your plants. What you may still find challenging is to create a profitable business out of a hydroponic farm. More so, if you think of the high running cost of a vertical farm.

That is where our expertise comes in. From creating a basic plan for your farm to helping you with commercialisation, we do it all. Click below to know the indicative budgets for each kind of farms.

Vertical Farm CityGreens

Vertical Farming

NFT A Frame CityGreens Hydroponics

NFT Hydroponics

DWC Hydroponics CityGreens

DWC Hydroponics

Dutch Bucket Hydroponics CityGreens

Dutch Bucket System

If you would like to engage CityGreens to set-up your farm, leave your contact details here. We will get in touch with you soon.