• Simplifying Urban Farming

  • Simplifying Urban Farming

  • Simplifying Urban Farming

Simplifying Urban Farming

DWC or Deep Water Culture is a low-cost Hydroponic set-up technique which has not become very popular in India but is used the world over in lesser developed economies as an economical Hydroponic production technique. Though it is less costly, it uses considerably more amount of water as compared to NFT technique (but it still consumes less than 20% of water compared to traditional agriculture). For a cost-conscious society like India, DWC can turn out to be the holy grail of Commercial Hydroponics.

If you would like to experience growing with DWC first hand, you can try our 5-plant DWC starter kit. We also conduct a 3-day training program in our farm in Ahmedabad wherein you can see a DWC set-up in a live commercial farm. If you are short on time and would rather learn the fundamentals first, you can enrol into the next batch of CityGreens weekend online course

If you understand the technology well and are all geared up to set-up your farm, the following are the ball-park estimates of how much it might cost you.
Vertical Farm CityGreens

DWC (1 Acre)

Size - 1 Acre | Set-up Cost - 1.12 Cr | No. of Plants - 74.6k BEP - 2 to 3 years

NFT A Frame CityGreens Hydroponics

DWC (1/2 Acre)

Size - 1/2 Acre | Set-up Cost - 59 L | No. of Plants - 37.4k BEP - 3 to 4 years

DWC Hydroponics CityGreens

DWC (10k Sqft)

Size - 10k sqft | Set-up Cost - 32 L | No. of Plants - 17k BEP - 4 to 5 years

Dutch Bucket Hydroponics CityGreens

DWC (5k Sqft)

Size - 5k sqft | Set-up Cost - 19 L | No. of Plants - 8.6k BEP - 5 to 6 years

The above estimates are indicative in nature based on a specific farm plan. Connect with us for details.